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Give Me a Break

(6 pages, Family)

Ten year old Michael comes up with an idea to get his bike back from the thieving hands of Wes; the

neighborhood bully.

Archived Screenplays

Based on a True Story

(97 pages, Comedy)

An out-of-work screenwriter scripts out and attempts to execute an actual bank robbery in hopes of selling

the rights to a Hollywood producer.

Just Coffee

(12 pages, Comedy)

A customer angers the assistant manager at a diner when he takes advantage of the restaurant's "Free

Refill" policy.


In Development



No Frame
No Frame

Casting Kristin

(101 pages, Comedy)

In an attempt to impress an aspiring actress, Aaron Barnum, an 18 year film student, offers her a part in his

upcoming film. Problem is, Aaron doesn't have a film. He doesn't have a script, a crew, or any equipment.

Aaron has one week to come up with a way to make his first film and win the girl.

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